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New York State Income Tax Refund

New York State income tax refunds from the IRS are typically issued approximately two weeks after your tax return was e-filed. New York can sometimes delay their refunds until March and other states can vary taking longer to issue their returns as well. If you have filed electronically, the wait is usually about four weeks and if you filed with paper it can take as long as six to ten weeks for your refund. If you need to contact an IRS tax expert about your refund, make sure you have a copy of your return handy. You can begin trying on the website or an automated phone line. If the information you receive that way is not sufficient, you can reach out to speak to a real person.

For Federal Form 1040:

The IRS Website can be found here to check the status of your tax return: click here

The Automated Helpline for refunds is: 1-800-829-1954

If you prefer to speak to a live person instead for…

  1. A lost refund check or a delay in receiving your refund, you can call: 1-800-829-0582, extension 462
  2. If you have other questions you can call: 1-800-829-1040. After the prompt choose the first option regarding filing or preparing a tax return, then choose option 5

If you are calling outside the U.S., you can call (215) 516-2000

For New York State Forms IT-201 or IT-203 visit:

Automated Refund Hotline: 1-800-443-3200

Open Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm you can talk to a live person by calling 1-800-225-5829, then choose option 4 for any tax questions. Avoid choosing option 1 as that will just take you back to the automated line.

If you live outside the U.S., you can call 518- 485-6800

When it comes to issuing refund, NYS can be a lot slower than the IRS.

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