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New York State Tax Refund Status

Your New York State tax refund status can be easily checked after you have originally filed and have not received your refund. Looking into your status can help you stop worrying about it . Contacting the Internal Revenue Service is simple if you want to find out about your federal tax refund. The state tax refund is a whole different ball game. New York is no exception in that every state is different with whom to contact regarding your state refund.

There a few different ways to find out about your New York State tax refund status.

Begin with the official Website

The NYS tax office is now easier for taxpayers to view their refund status as it has been redesigned this tax year to be more user friendly.

After going to the website, look for the box entitled “Popular Topics”. There will be a link for checking your refund status. Once you get to that page you will be required to fill out a succession of numbers to take you to that page. After reading the numbers, simply put in the numbers in the required form.

For the New York State tax refund status, you need to address some questions first such as filing status, SS # (SSN) and what you are expecting regarding your refund. In a few minutes you should be able to view your status of your state tax refund.

If you would rather speak to a representative rather than give your information online, you have two choices. You can speak to an actual person by calling the NYS tax refund status helpline or write to the New York state tax office.

The state tax refund status helpline number is 518-457-5149. You will need the exact information as you would when using the online service and that would include the exact amount you are expecting and your social security number as well.

If you want to write the state tax office to find out about your tax refund status or any other concerns, you may write to:

New York State Tax Dept.
Division of Treasury
PO Box 22119
Albany, NY 12201